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Sand blasting is the procedure of using high pressure to blast sand (or other media) onto a surface to eradicate a coating or rust. Sand blasting is powerful, rapid, thorough, and safe. It is usually the best way to prepare an object for high performance coatings like powder coating.We offer this at Chief Blasting and Coatings

Sand blasting also denoted to as “abrasive blasting,” is a mature method with many differences for diverse applications. It’s been in development for over 140 years. The first abrasive blasting procedure was on October 18, 1870. Instances of the work that can be done are the engraving on gravestones, fine engraving on metal, ceramic or glass objects, and the bas-relief or 3D shaping of material.For more info contact  Sandblasting houston

Occasionally sand blasting is not sufficient. When essential, a decreasing procedure is also needed to cover the best possible bond of the powder coat.

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